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  • AgNW Ink for Screen Printing (Model:MGT-SPP-F50 )
  • 2016-01-23
  • Mogreat Technologies Co.,Ltd. is specialized in the supply of AgNW based transparent conductive ink which suitable for screen printing, roller coating, coating and other different printing ways. Product characteristics: high transmittance, low haze, water-based and eco-friendly, good conductivity, excellent adhesion and deflection. The products are widely used in the touch panels, membrane switches, solar panels, LED/OLED and other optoelectronic components which have higher request for transparency . According to the customer's specific application requirements, we can adjust related parameters, and provide customized transparent conductive inks.

    Parameters of  MGT-SPP-F50 


            Blue gray 

         viscous liquid

         Transmittance                         ≥88%
            System      Water based      Printing way

                    Screen printing,

                   roller coating, etc

           Viscosity     4000-3500mPa.s   Curing condition               145~155℃ /10~15min


     Sheet Resistance 





        Sheet resistance change <10% 

        after 3M610 adhesive tape test






            Screen size

         300 mesh ( 65um), wet film

              thickness about 20um

    Baking drying process:  Low flat 5~10 minutes ( no more than 15 minutes ) at room temperature after screen printing, then bake at 145~155℃ for 10~15 minutes.

    Screen Printing Process ( SPP ) Reference Indicators :

        Printing Method

                  Hang Pulp

              Before Printing

         Screen Parameters

       300 mesh (65um),

         Fiberglass mesh

      Applied Substrate           PET/ PC / Glass    Substrate Indicators       ~42 dyne 
         Scraper Brand                 TUICO       Wire Mesh Space         0.5-1.0cm
    Stretch mesh tension                15±2N  Normal Stop Position             15cm
        Scraper Hardness                   75°  Scraper Printing Angle              60°
         Scraper Depth                  2mm       Printing Pressure            50-70N
     Back Scraping Space                 0.3mm         Printing Speed       1.0~1.5cm/s

    * Above indicators is our lab printing parameters, for reference only. Specific test parameters is subject to customers' equipments and processing technologies .


    Product Usage & Attention Matters :

    1. Suitable substrates : polyester ( PET ), PC, Glass , surface tension above 42 dyne ;

    2. Mechanical stir it well slowly before use the ink, and to ensure the uniformity in the process of coating;

    3. Ink shelf-life is 5 months, please use it ASAP after opening, sealed it well when not in use;

    4. The printing thickness will affect finished film's haze, transmittance and sheet resistance index directly ;

    5. Product can be kept at room temperature, suggested temperature15 to 25℃ , ultrasonic oscillation is strictly prohibited ;

    6.  The forming film can be cleaned by cloth dipped with alcohol , do not wipe with force or ultrasonic oscillation ;

    7. If there is precipitation, please filter the sediment with 150~200 mesh(more or less )  filter.

    Packing specification :1L / 5L / 10L / 25L / 50L / 100L / 150L / Customized

    Above test data or results were obtained under Mogreat laboratory current conditions, for your reference only ;  Customer test result is subject to the user's actual conditions. For more information, please duly contact with Mogreat Technologies Co.,Ltd.  

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