• Welcome to visit Mogreat Technologies Co.,Ltd.  Our main products are nano-gold materials,nano-silver materials, AgNW coating materials,Transparent conductive films,Inkjet printing inks,Special silver pastes,Quantum dots , QD Boards etc. 

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    Mogreat Technologies Co., Ltd. has a total system offering solutions from research and development, trial manufacture, mass production through to quality control. It is a market-oriented philosophy, to answer to the needs of customers and markets.

    Discovering the problem Analyzing the problem Solving the problem ▎

    ü Research and Development  ( R&D )
    Mogreat Technologies Co., Ltd. sees research and development (R&D) as fatal to the company's future, and the sustaining technology innovation is the key to Mogreat'sustainable success. Mogreat fosters development of attitudes and skills in our people that encourages involvement and creativity. Close collaboration with both universities and customers across all stages of development increase an innovation's chances of success and shorten development cycles.

    ü New Product Development  ( NPD )
    New Product Development (NPD) is market-oriented, customer-centered and aimed to promote the technique level and production efficiency. Where possible, we take customers' requirements intoaccount as soon as new products and technologies are designed.

    ü New Business Development  ( NBD )
    New Business Development (NBD) aims to create innovative materials and systems using leading edge technologies. With its open and structured approach, New Business Development positions Mogreat in markets of the future, developing new areas of potential growth.

    ü Quality Assurance and Quality Control
    Mogreat Technologies Co., Ltd. carries out everything required of quality control, from basic chemical analyses of the composition of rawmaterials, to practical evaluations of product performance. We also provide support to product development by guiding it from a quality control perspective to speed it up. We believe progress in terms of the quality of products and processes increases efficiency and helps improve the value creation process, thereby securing our strong competitive position in the global markets.

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