• Welcome to visit Mogreat Technologies Co.,Ltd.  Our main products are nano-gold materials,nano-silver materials, AgNW coating materials,Transparent conductive films,Inkjet printing inks,Special silver pastes,Quantum dots , QD Boards etc. 

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    " Technologies To Create The Future, Materials To Change The World "

    Mogreat Technologies Co., Ltd. is a new materials enterprise which engaged in metal nano-materials, nanophase electronic paste and flexible transparent conductive film's research and development, production and applications .

    Mogreat relies on a strong R&D capabilities and advantages, possesses first-class nano-materials preparation technologies, high efficiency and green printing technologies and next generation flexible transparent conductive film manufacturing technologies ( Roll to Roll coating process). Main products including full range of high quality metal nano-materials,nanoparticles,nanorods,nanoflakes. AgNWs based coating materials, AgNPs based inkjet printing inks, nanophase silver paste for touch panels, Nano-silver transparent conductive film, Quantum dots film, Quantum dots boards etc. Which widely used in flexible touches, mobile phone tablets, solar cells, micro-electronic components, smart home, car electronics, smart building, wearable devices and many other fields.


    Mogreat not only supplies the high value-added products, but also provides professional technical solutions to meet customers' differentiated demands. We are well received by domestic and overseas customers and enjoy a very high reputation due to the super product quality and excellent services. Mogreat is customer's right-hand man and intimate partner. We have the courage to innovate, continue to adhere to the " Best quality to survival, Good reputation for development, Lean management to create benefits " operating philosophy to attain the sustainable management and development. We believe that Mogreat will achieve greater success through all my colleagues' unremitting efforts.  

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     Customer satisfaction is the only challenge for Mogreat .