• Welcome to visit Mogreat Technologies Co.,Ltd.  Our main products are nano-gold materials,nano-silver materials, AgNW coating materials,Transparent conductive films,Inkjet printing inks,Special silver pastes,Quantum dots , QD Boards etc. 

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     Development Goals: To create the famous brand in the advanced materials field, to be the high-tech enterprises group with powerful international competitiveness.

     Value Concepts: To create value for customers, build the platforms for employees, creating benefits for shareholders, make a contributions to society.

     Operation Philosophy: Treat staff as enterprise fundamental, Best quality to survival, Good reputation  to development, Lean management to create benefits .

     Team Concepts: Effective communication, Teamwork, With loyalty and cohesion, Stand together through storm and stress .

     Innovation Concepts : Innovation is the key to maintain the core competitiveness of enterprises, it is an inexhaustible motive force for enterprise developments.


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