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  • AgNW Coating Materials ( Model : MGT-R2R-C20/40)
  • 2016-01-23
  • Mogreat Technologies Co.,Ltd, is specialized in supply of water-based conductive solution ( AgNW Coating Materials ) , which the critical and special material to manufacture the Nano-Ag transparent conductive Film ( AgNW TCF ).  We can coat the materials on the surface of flexible PET or glass substrates through the Slot-die, Micro-garvure R2R ( roll to roll ) and other precision coating processes to forming a conductive film or conductive glass with good electrical conductivity, high transparency and low haze ( Surface Resistance < 100 Ω/, Transparency ≥91%, Haze ≤1.0% ). It has significant advantages in the field of flexible and large size touch screens. AgNW coating material features: (1) Water-based and eco-friendly ; (2) Adhesion isbetter with substrates ; (3) Match better with Processes ; (4) Film-forming effect more excellent. 

    Packing specification :1L / 5L / 10L / 25L / 50L / 100L / 150L / Customized

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