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  • AgNW Transparent Conductive Film ( Model: MGT-TCF-SR22/25/30/45/60+Customized )
  • 2016-01-20
  • Mogreat Technologies Co.,Ltd. is specialized in the supply of AgNW based transparent conductive films ( Brand Name:  MoLink+ ) with low sheet resistance, high transmittance, low haze and strong bending. Mogreat Company has the high-quality silver nanowires synthetic technology, special coating materials formulation and precise coating technology. We can solve the technical difficulties completely which customer encountered, meet customers' differentiated demands and diversified applications. AgNW based transparent conductive films Brand Name: MoLink+ ) characteristics: sheet resistance lower, more flexible, very suitable for full sizes of touch screens and especially supports the flexible touch displays , by bending test 100,000 times ( R=3mm ), adapt to the laser, screen printing, yellow light and other processes , better etching effect and higher stability.

    AgNW TCF ( MoLink+ ) Structure 

    AgNW TCF ( MoLink+) Specifications

    ◆ Transmittance: ≥88% (99~91%), AgNW Coating Layer Transmittance: >99.9% 

    ◆ Sheet Resistance: 22±5Ω/□; 25±5Ω/□; 30±10Ω/□ ; 45±10Ω/□ ,60±10Ω/□ ,+ Customized 

    ◆ Reliability Test Stable:  High temperature & high humidity:85℃ 85%RH 240hrs;

                                                             High temperature preservation:80℃ 240hrs;

    Xenon Aging : 1000W/m2@250~1100nm  240hrs  

    ◆ Uniformity: <10%

    ◆ Structure: Roll (100m per roll  or customized ) 

    Roll width ( Optional ) :  500mm,1240mm,1340mm,1500mm

    Conductive surface protective film (optional ):  PE protective film, PP protective film (130℃ /30 minutes)

    Non conductive surface protective film (optional ): PE protective film, high temperature resistant PET (160℃/60 minutes)

    Application Fields : flexible touches,mobile phone tablets, solar cells, micro-electronic components, smart home, car electronics, smart building, wearable devices and many other fields.


    Mogreat R2R Coating Process 


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