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  • 3nm Gold Nanowires ( Model: MGT-NW-G3 )
  • 2016-01-19
  • Mogreat Technologies Co.,Ltd. is specialized in the supply of ultrafine Gold Nanowires ( GNW ) : Diameter=2-3nm, Length=0.5-10um, Purity>99.9%, Optional solvent: n-hexane, toluene or DI Water; Optional concentration: 5mg/mL ,10mg/mL or 20mg/mL.

    Gold Nanowires ( GNW ) Images 

    TEM and XRD Characterization

    Above test data or results were obtained under Mogreat current laboratory conditions, for your reference only ;  Customer test result is subject to the user's actual conditions.  For more information, please duly contact with Mogreat Materials Co.,Ltd.  

    Synonym: Gold nanofibers, gold, metallic nanowires, metallic nanofibers, conductive nanowires, conductive nanofibers, Gold nanowires dispersion.

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