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  • 6,7,8,9nm Gold NanoRods ( Model: MGT-NR-G6/7/8/9nm )
  • 2016-01-19
  • Mogreat company provides Gold NanoRods ( GNR ) with high purity and monodispersity and small sizes ( 6~9nm in diameter). Their longitudinal surface plasmonic resonances ( LSPR ) cover a broad wavelength range of 750-1130 nm. The quality of each batch of GNR sold has been precisely controlled and the products are independently examined by UV-Vis-Nir extinction spectroscopy before storing and delivery. Mogreat company sincerely promises that the products you bought with the same label vary only slightly from batch to batch.Mogreat company provides CTAB-, PEG-, PAA-, and Tinnin-capped Gold NanoRods uniformly dispersed in deionized water, which are quite stable at temperatures of 4~26°C and can be kept for a few months without any precipitation (except for the CTAB -capped ones) and size variation.

    Gold NanoRods ( GNR ) Parameters 

       Shape Monodispersity   NanoRods >98%      CTAB Content         0.1M
       In Batch Size Variation           <10%        Solution pH            6-7

              Diameter / 

      Length-Diameter Ratio

       6,7,8,9nm / 3.6-7  Storage Condition              4-26℃
              LSPR coverage      750~1130nm           Others         Cutomized 

    Gold NanoRods ( GNR ) Images 

    UV-Vis-NIR Absorption Spectra

    ※  Most products are delivered in a volume of 10ml, 50ml, 100ml. 

    ※  Optional optical density (O.D.) =2, 2.5,5, 10, 50

    Amount of GNRs in the GNR solutions :

    Mogreat company provides aqueous solutions of gold nanorods capped by CTAB with optical densities (O.D.) range from 2 to 50. A higher O.D. value means a larger concentration of GNR inside and thus a higher price. Customers can order GNR solutions with different O.D. values and the final price is determined by the total O.D. value. This GNR product is available for delivery after the order is placed. More time ( about 7-15 working days ) is needed if customers want other GNR products such as PEG/PAA/Tannin-capped GNRs or CTAB-capped GNRs with O.D. values larger than 5.

    The amount of GNRs contained in a solution can be estimated by the corresponding total effective optical density which is the product of the O.D. value at the LSPR and the volume of the solution.

     Total GNR effective O.D. values =O.D.  X  Volume ( mL )


    Mogreat company can provide the extinction spectra and TEM images of the products which ordered by customers as per their requirements. The extinction spectra and TEM images for some typical samples are available on the our website.  Mogreat provides GNR solutions with volumes of 10mL,50mL and 100mL, which can be shipped to customers by standard couriers .

    Above test data or results were obtained under Mogreat current laboratory conditions, for your reference only ;  Customer test result is subject to the user's actual conditions.  For more information, please duly contact with Mogreat Technologies Co.,Ltd.  

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