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  • 10,20,40nm Gold NanoRods ( Model: MGT-NR-G10/20/40 )
  • 2016-01-19
  • Mogreat Technologies Co.,Ltd. provides high purity, monodispersity and small size Gold NanoRodsGNR ) and its derivatives. Every batch of products are through the precise chemical steps synthesis, and characterization with independence of visible and infrared extinction spectra. Mogreat company guarantees that the customer purchased in different batches of the same type of product has good repeatability and consistency. Gold nanorods products can be widely used in cosmetic, information, life science and photonics, physical chemistry and other fields.

    Gold NanoRods ( GNR Parameters

    Gold NanoRods ( GNR ) Images 

    ※  Most products are delivered in a volume of 10ml, 50ml, 100ml. 

    ※  Optional optical density (O.D.) = 2,5,10,50  

    Gold NanoRods ( GNR ) Description

    Mogreat company provides high quality gold nanorods with different plasmonic resonance wavelengths. The plasmonic peak wavelengths of the gold nanorods cover from 550 to 850 nm. The peak wavelength deviations for each type of product are precisely controlled within±5 nm. Besides, we provide nanorods of different sizes ( Diameter=10, 20 and 40nm, respectively ), satisfying the requirements of various applications, such as photothermal conversion, bioimaging, and optical signal enhancement, etc. All the products provided by Mogreat company are dispersed in deionized water and the concentration of the surfactant CTAB is less than 0.1%. The products are dispersed evenly in water and are very stable. They can be kept for a few months without any precipitation.

    The amount of gold nanorods contained in a solution can be estimated by the corresponding total effective optical density which is the product of the O.D. value at the LSPR and the volume of the solution. 

    Total GNR effective O.D. values O.D.  X  Volume (mL) 

    Above test data or results were obtained under Mogreat current laboratory conditions, for your reference only ;  Customer test result is subject to the user's actual conditions.  For more information, please duly contact with Mogreat Technologies Co.,Ltd.  

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