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  • Nano-Ag Conductive Ink for Inkjet Printing(MGT-IJP-INK3050)
  • 2019-10-17
  • Product introduction

    MGT-IJP-INK3050 is a new electronic material for digital printing and deposition of conductive circuit technology. The MGT-IJP-INK3050 can be used with the Inkjet printers to achievedigital, contactless, high-precision patterned distribution of large area circuit conductors for touch screen, solar cell, OLED display , OLED lightingand printed RF antenna applications. MGT-IJP-INK3050 presents excellent electrical conductivity and durability on the surface of PET film.


    Product advantages

    (1)Excellent electrical conductivity

    (2) Printing is very smoothly

    (3) High content of nano-silver

    (4) Good hardness and adhesion


    Application conditions

    Printingsubstrates:  PET,Teslin,PEN,ITO,PI


    Compatible nozzles:

    Epson series nozzle:  DX5, DX7

    Fuji Starlight series、spectra series

    Konica nozzle :  KM512i,KM1024i

    Ricoh nozzle : Gen5, Gen5s, Gen6

    Curing conditions:  Oven: 150 ℃ or NIR infrared

    * MGT-IJP-INK3050 has subdivided models for different nozzles, please confirm before ordering.

    * Viscosity can be customized according to different nozzles.

    * Sheet resistance is affected by the temperature of post-printing conditions.

    * Sheet resistance is affected by the properties of the substrates.


    Storage and use:

    (1) Long term storage should be 0~10 sealed storage away from light.

    (2) Remove and restore to normal temperature after refrigerating, mechanical stirring is recommended for 10 minutes.

    (3) The printing environment is recommended to be 20~25℃.

    Inkjet printing case on different substrates:

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