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  • Nano-Ag Inkjet Printing Ink ( Model: MGT-9455NM )
  • 2016-09-30
  • Mogreat Technologies Co.,Ltd. is specialized in the supply of Nano-Ag Inkjet Printing Ink ( Model: MGT-9455NM ), which special designed for the inkjet printed circuits. It's a new product manufactured by mogreat company through combine the nanotechnology with inkjet printing technology . Products mainly composed of silver nanoparticles and dispersed in the continuous organic phase evenly , which can be printed on flexible PET, Teslin, PI, Chrome paper, Photographic paper, Silicon material, and other various plastic substrates, it can obtain higher conductivity under lower sintering temperature . Products are widely used in RFID, FPCB, electromagnetic shielding ( EMI ), solar batteries, semiconductors, OLED displays, and other fields.

      Nano-Ag Inkjet Printing Ink 

    Product Features:

    (1) Good electrical conductivity;

    (2) Uniform particle size distribution, ink-jet printing is fluent, storage stability is very good;

    (3) Applications on RFID, solar cells, semiconductor, OLED displays etc. ;

    (4) Providing professional customized development.

    Inkjet Printing Effect @ FPCB

    Performance Parameters :

    Related Process Parameters :

    (1) Substrate: PET, Teslin, coated paper, photographic paper, silicon and other plastics.

    (2) Printer nozzle: EPSON, Konica, XAAR, Spectra.

    (3) Resolution: 30μm*30μm on PET, 50μm *50μm on paper ( Using FujiFilm Dimatix printer ).

    (4) Curing method: Laser pulse curing.

    (5) System security: The solvent of the Nano-Ag conductive ink is water, which do not contain benzene, is an environmental non-toxic product.

    Usage & Storage:

    (1) The product keeps in the vacuum packing and shelf life is 6 months , stored at 0-15℃ for long-term preservation, and better to used up within 7 days after opening.

    (2) Stir fully before using (advising 5-10min by mechanical stirring), stirring rate 500RPM.

    (3) Storage at room temperature, sealed and stored in a dry, cool, dark place, please use immediately after opening and the remaining products shall be sealed well after use.

    (4) To avoid contact with the skin when using it, such as accidentally exposed to the skin or eyes, should be promptly cleaned with water and soap. 

    Note: All above data are tested in Mogreat lab, which reserves the final right of construe.

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